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Savvy in SoCal

In Southern California, you'll never find a shortage of amazing things to do. The question is, how do you choose? In the Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County areas, go for SoCal culture, fun in the sun, and getting out with friends and family. The Inland Empire and Desert areas also have their charms. {This}

Savvy in NorCal

SF NorCal
In Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area, there are so many fun activities I feel like I'm always on vacation, even though I live here. You can explore the beauty of the Bay, geek out in Silicon Valley, relax in wine country, or get in the car and head to the NorCal coast or mountains, all in a day or so. {This}

Day Trips & Night Life

Chill Escapes

From hub cities San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, we locals find no end of fun to drive to for a day or a weekend. We do it all the time. We head out to the beaches and the mountains, the forests and the deserts, whenever we want to rest, relax, reboot, recharge. Tell me your favorite golden state escapes and I'll tell you mine. {Let's Just Go}
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Hello! I’m Kat Summers

Kat SummersI'm cruisin' the California coast in a convertible, wearing cliché-colored sunglasses, for a lighthearted look at all things: Hippie Dippy, Indie Groovy, Veggie Yogi, Local Foodie, Artsy Fartsy, Eco Snooty, Beach Bummy, Surfer Dudley, Tree Huggy, Celebrity Crushy, Culture Quirky, Fruity Nutty, Trail Trekky, Day Trippy, Wine Tipsy, Bucket Listy. {continued...}

Wish You Were Here!

Love California like I do? Join me on a journey to map out the hella fun, awesome, gnarly, chill escapes — no hate — in the great Golden State.