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Kat Summers
Some folks call California the "left coast" as a put-down, but the savvy among us consider it a term of endearment. Let's look at it with a little levity. I'm traveling up and down the coast, in a convertible, wearing cliché-colored sunglasses, for a lighthearted look at all things: Hippie Dippy, Indie Groovy, Veggie Yogi, Local Foodie, Artsy Fartsy, Eco Snooty, Beach Bummy, Surfer Dudley, Tree Huggy, Celebrity Crushy, Culture Quirky, Fruity Nutty, Trail Trekky, Day Trippy, Wine Tipsy, Bucket Listy. Love California like I do? Join me on a journey to map out the awesome, gnarly, hella fun, chill escapes — no hate — in the great Golden State. {more about...}